TAUNUSTAXI – Terms & Conditions

1. Service and Contract Formation

1.1 TAUNUSTAXI acts as an intermediary agent for third party transport service providers. The contract (final agreement) for the provision of the transport service is between you, and the third party service provider, from now on termed as your driver.

1.2 By booking a service on our website, you are entering into a contract with the driver.

1.3 Reservations at TAUNUSTAXI are subject to the availability of the taxi companies and appropriate vehicles.

2. Travel details

2.1 Compare your booking details with the confirmation receipt of your driver. Eventual changes or discrepancies should be reported directly to your driver.

2.2 Any changes in travel plans have to be reported to your driver and will be pending for confirmation.

2.3 Flight delays will be taken in consideration but could result in possible waiting times. We advise the client to contact the driver if the delay is more than 1 hour.

3. Liability

3.1 The liability for the provision of transfer services between you and the driver is restricted solely to those two parties between whom the service has been contracted. TAUNUSTAXI liabilities resulting from this agreement shall therefore be limited to those of a third-party broker between you and the driver. Any liabilities resulting from the provision of the transfer service shall be the sole responsibility of the driver and their insurance companies.

3.2 Neither we nor the driver, will be responsible for any losses you suffer (including for example any missed flights) due to failure to allow sufficient time for your journey.

3.3 In agreeing to the terms and conditions, you accept that TAUNUSTAXI will in no way be held responsible for any losses, expenses or claims made by you in the event of any problem associated with the transfer and all claims will be redirected to the driver.

4. Availability of Services

4.1 TAUNUSTAXI is entitled, on behalf of the driver, to refuse any order placed by you. We do not guarantee to successfully allocate a service provider to every booking request.

4.2 All information given on the websites is in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of print. TAUNUSTAXI will not be responsible for any other inaccuracies due to out of date information which may have not been pointed out to us by the driver.

5. Payment

5.1 The default payment method is cash money to the driver in currency as displayed on our website unless otherwise agreed. Full payment of the booking is requested at the start of the transfer (in case of a return trip a receipt will be given).

5.2 Some destinations require advance payment by PayPal or bank wire transfer. Client will be notified by e-mail communication once a booking has been made.

5.3 Advance payment requests by client are available and permitted subject to local payment conditions.

6. General reservation cancellation policy

a) More than 48 hours before the transfer: 15%

b) Less than 48 hours before the transfer: 100%

7. Child seats

Each country has different rules and regulations regarding the use of baby and child seats. These items are to be requested directly with the local service provider and depend on availability.

8. Excess Luggage

8.1 Our prices include one suitcase and one hand luggage per person. Extra luggage as well as bulky items could be charged. Contact TAUNUSTAXI for more details.

9. Force Majeure

TAUNUSTAXI and your driver cannot be held liable for delays, changes or cancellation of service due to Force Majeure, or to other circumstances that are unforeseeable or beyond the driver’s control.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

On all these terms and conditions applies the German law.